About Gryphon Capital

Gryphon Capital is a privately‑held real estate company that specializes in the acquisition and development of shopping centers and mixed‑use projects throughout the Western US. The primary goal of the company is to create high quality shopping destinations that provide long term benefits for the surrounding communities, cities and tenants while maximizing value and investment return for the company and its partners.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, Gryphon is an active developer of lifestyle, regional, mixed‑use, specialty and community shopping centers. The company has over seven hundred thousand square feet of retail under development or pre‑development throughout the Western US with a combined value in excess of $150 million.

The company maintains a team of seasoned professionals with successful track records in the commercial real estate industry.

Gryphon prides itself on its entrepreneurial, opportunistic, and forward‑thinking approach to acquiring and developing properties and all aspects of its business. As a private company, Gryphon has the ability to create innovative deal structures, respond quickly to new opportunities, and expedite closings. This has enabled the company to take advantage of new and complex development opportunities and consistently perform in a highly competitive market.