Development, Acquisitions and Dispositions

Gryphon has pioneered innovative public/private partnerships and is responsible for developing and/or partnering on projects in various stages of development encompassing almost 5.2 million square feet at a completed cost of approximately $1.1 billion. Gryphon works with communities, neighborhood groups and municipalities to address community needs and foster support on all levels.

The Acquisitions & Dispositions team at Gryphon is focused on investing capital in commercial real estate investments (development and operating assets) that will provide the appropriate risk‑adjusted return. The department’s functions include the sourcing, financial analysis, due diligence and transaction closing on acquisition opportunities to ensure that they meet the company’s investment criteria. Additionally, the department is responsible for the sale of properties.

Size, Type and Market Conditions


We buy and develop operating assets ranging from 3,000 square feet to over 850,000 square feet of GLA. For a development opportunity these projects require a minimum of 1 acre to over 100 acres and thrive in markets with at least 150,000 people and an average household income of $65,000+ within a five mile radius.


Encouraged by some of our retail partners, Gryphon has started its preferred development program. This is a tenant driven venture that allows the retailer to rely on our resources such as market knowledge, staff and technology to deliver unparalleled results in a timeframe that most retailers are unable to achieve. Our current client list includes retailers that have a national presence that range from 3,000 square feet to 150,000 square feet.


Gryphon will develop outlot locations near large community centers, infill locations or near a major highway coridor.


Many of our undertakings focus on hybrid centers and mixed‑use developments in urban infill markets that combine the best of multiple product types including retail, office, residential and hospitality.


An integral element to a successful community is the thoughtful approach to educational facilities. We use our experience from private development and the public/private partnerships we have created to collaborate with the school district to craft an unparalled team that exceeds the goals of the community.


Gryphon considers new investments in the Western U.S. (CA, HI, AK, WA, OR, NV, ID, MT, CO, AZ, NM & TX) that are located in markets that have strong demographics, asset specific intrinsic values and afford the potential to foster the strongest growth.

If you believe you might hold real estate that would fit into the Gryphon criteria of operating and development properties, please contact us.

For acquisition, development or preferred development opportunities, please contact: (650) 400‑4030 /